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 Baby Steps pregnancy ultrasound clinic based in Eccleshall 

Book any scan with me Antonia Fraser ( Toni ) fully qualified with over 40y service in the NHS as a midwife/ registered nurse , 20 years as sonographer 15 of theses within the private sector. CQC registered 

 Book any scan at an affordable price .Meet your baby from the very first heartbeat from 6 weeks up to your very last weeks of pregnancy where we can see if your baby is getting in position for birth and estimate his / her size .These scans do not replace your NHS scans they are an additional important bonding experience for you and to allow your family /friends to see your miracle . Once you have booked your scan online I may contact you to discuss your needs and confirm your appointment . Out of hours /urgent or " in your own home " scans can be arranged by phone so we can discuss if i can help.For all types of scans please bring your NHS details with you in case of complications so I can help with an appropriate referral .

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Babysteps is a private pregnancy ultrasound service , providing you with an additional important bonding experience and reassurance that all is progressing well with your baby 

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Early viability scans  6 to 8 weeks gestation 

Viability scans are a brief glimpse into the miracle of the developing embryo. This scan takes just a few minutes to confirm your pregnancy has implanted and there is a heartbeat . 

Early pregnancy can be an anxious time,  particularly if you have experienced miscarrage previously so waiting for your first hospital scan can seem like a life time .Book this scan to confirm viability and to  see the tiny flicks of the very first heart beats 


Gender scans from 15 weeks gestation 

Gender scan time can take up to 30 minutes and are in addition to your nhs scan . Please have your nhs details available in case  of any anomaly so appropriate referral can be made.

Discover if you are expecting a Boy or a Girl . 99.%accurate at this gestation.Find out during you scan time or take away gender reveal products available  to buy , or in a sealed envelope to reveal at a time for you to make a special memory .Printed  and digital images included. You are welcome to use your own photography within the scan room. WiFi available. 


Weight estimation from 28 to 40 + weeks gestation 

These scans do not replace your NHS scans they are for your entertainment and bonding experience.  Please have your hospital NHS details available in case of complications and referral is needed .

Estimate the weight of your baby and  to determine his/ her position . This scan is particularly helpful if you are in a low risk category and have not been offered any additional scans in your pregnancy. Printed images included . You may use your own photography un the scan room .WiFi available.  


Bonding /reassurance scans 2d 3d 4d from 8 to 40 weeks 

Theses scans do not replace your nhs scans they  for your entertainment. However if there are any concerns during your scan we can refer so please have your hospital details available .

 Bonding/reassurance scans designed by you for you and your family to see and interact with your baby .Theses scans are particularly helpful if you were disappointed during your NHS scan and did not get chance to see your baby  moving or they were in a difficult position for you to be able to see his/ her face. We allow extra time if your baby isn't moving at the time of your appointment with same/next day rescan at no extra charge .You are welcome bring  along siblings , grandparents and friends to fulfil the experience and witness the miracle of seeing your unborn baby. Printed and digital images included. You may also use your own photography in the scan room take videos or video calling .WiFi available 

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In your own home 

In your own home within a 10 mile radius of Eccleshall  ST21

 Mobile service available.If you can not get to me for any reason or simply would like your scan to in  the privicy your own home please contact me.This service is not available to book online contact me for a price and further details 

Check out our opening hours and make an appointment today.


Open 24 hours 

01785284676  07300816126

In most cases I can provide same day scans without extra charge. If you cannot fine an appointment time to suit you please make contact by phone or email me at babysteps@btinternet.comBased in Eccleshall there is plenty of on street parking ,  also the supermarket carpark is a short distance walk open until 8pm .Plenty of cafés , restaurants , pubs and a very good chip shop . 

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We’re here for you when you need us. Call us to schedule an appointment or use the contact form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

40 High street Eccleshall Stafford ST21 6BZ 

Mobile 07300816126 or 01785284676

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